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Here at Kainos Treatment Centre our highly qualified and devoted team of professionals, most of whom have lived experience in addiction and recovery, provide you with a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment within our therapeutic community.

Whilst undergoing treatment you will be treated with dignity and respect whilst challenging and replacing old negative core beliefs and behaviours. Our experienced, dedicated staff and clinicians will walk alongside you on this journey of recovery and wellness.

We provide an individualised and tailored 12-step programme, catering for the specific needs of our residents. Our goal is to achieve and maintain long term sobriety, to finally break the cycle of addiction and suffering. We approach this with a multi-layered Holistic view, education, spiritual, mental, and physical, along with ongoing support and robust aftercare. We believe addiction is a chronic disease. To achieve optimal results and the only real chance of long-term recovery, we must address not only the symptoms of substance abuse itself but also the underlying causes, conditions, attitudes, and beliefs, as well as family dynamics. Through our dedicated and comprehensive treatment programme, along with your commitment and a strong desire to change, you will have the tools and knowledge to go forth and live the full, meaningful and rewarding life that you deserve, free from addiction.

“The life in front of you is more important than the life behind you.”

Joel Osteen


Living facilities at Kainos Treatment Centre are luxurious and designed for comfort, with large landscaped gardens in a safe and supportive environment. This is an ideal space to rest and relax, this will support your work toward recovery.

We are blessed to be situated 5 minutes away from the beautiful Long Bay regional park and beach which provides stunning coastal walks and outdoor activities. At Kainos we take full advantage of this with daily morning walks and regular recreational group outings.

All our bedrooms are private and well-appointed with double beds, attractive furniture and décor. They include a personal ensuite bathroom and large walk-in wardrobe. Each room is equipped with a personal safe for valuables.

Program amenities include a range of therapeutic rooms to facilitate counselling on both an individual and group basis as well as delivering our comprihencive modular education programme.

We offer self-service laundry facilities for our resident’s personal property. Our on-site gymnasium offers a full range of high performance and strength equipment along with a full range of free weights. We have a company 8-seater van to transport our clients to and from AA/Na meetings as well as any personal appointments our residents may need to attend.

When you are living in a comfortable, safe and peaceful environment, you are better able to focus your time and efforts towards achieving your treatment goals and get the most from your personally developed programme. This will ultimately assist you in the pathway to long term sobriety.

Our team

We have a great dedicated team to give you the full support trough out your journey.

Kainos Addiction Treatment Centre
Stan Leone

Personal Trainer

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I am a certified personal trainer with 10+ years of industry experience. I also hold additional certificates in Functional Movements, Level 1 Biomechanics, and Strength and Conditioning. I am REPS registered and specialize in building muscle, weight loss and working with clients to gain a better understanding of nutrition and how the food they eat affects their wellbeing. I believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness. Ultimately it’s about creating a healthy, well balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

Kainos Addiction Treatment Centre
Shanay Van Nes

 Peer Support

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After years in active addiction I entered recovery and wanted to give back so I began studying towards a career in the addiction field. I have spent years working on my inner self, doing the healing work that was necessary. I am a very spiritual person I like to meditate and use boxing as my emotional release. Helping people is a huge passion of mine I know how quickly that drugs can take hold of your life but I also know how using is not really living. I love coming to work every day and supporting others on their road to recovery to finding happiness in the small things and living life to their fullest potential. The changes that I see in everyone that comes through our doors is amazing I am inspired every day at how much people can achieve.   

Kainos Addiction Treatment Centre
Odin Robinson

Holistic Health Therapist

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Kiaora, I am of Tainui descent and was born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I am a reiki master and a practitioner of sound, intuitive energy healing, and Maori healing. I am a qualified personal trainer and a holistic recovery life coach. I am qualified peer support and furthering my studies in mental health and addiction. I am simply the universe experiencing itself through a physical body. The health sector is the perfect place for me to use my skill set to guide and align people from all walks of life to find their TRUE selves. Thus, becoming the strongest they have ever been physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have a passion for martial arts, I love the path of self-development and personal growth. I love travelling, road trips and exploring nature. I feel most at home when I am by the ocean.
“Hurihia te aroaro ki te ta tukana to atarangi kia taka ki muri I a koe” – Turn your face to the sun & the shadows fall behind you.

Kainos Addiction Treatment Centre
Daniel Miller

Peer Support

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I started using drugs at a young age. I ended up wasting 10 years of my life. My life got more and more chaotic as it spiralled out of control. The drugs eventually led to crime until an opportunity at drug court gave me a chance to make a change. I entered rehab in 2016 followed by supportive living for a year and turned my life around. I have always had a passion for helping people and this helped me realise recovery is where my heart is and where I wanted to work. I feel privileged to walk alongside others through their journey. Watching someone grow from the person they are when they first come in to the person they become by the time they leave, inspires me, keeps me committed and strengthens my own recovery.

Interests: Working in the field of addiction. Researching the latest most effective addiction treatment techniques.

Passion: Helping people. Being outdoors in our beautiful country. Health and Fitness

Hobbies: Motorbikes. Meditation