Kainos Addiction Treatment centre

Private Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centre

Life is a journey, not a destination.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are a private drug and alcohol centre based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our programmes are tailored to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.

Here at Kainos you will be treated with dignity and respect while you learn healthy new ways to manage your addiction and replace old negative core beliefs and behaviours. Our experienced, dedicated staff and clinicians will walk alongside you on your journey of recovery and wellness.

We provide an individualised and tailored 12-step programme, catering for the specific needs of our residents. Our goal is to achieve and maintain long term sobriety, to finally break the cycle of addiction and suffering. We approach this with a multi-layered Holistic view, education, spiritual, mental, and physical, along with ongoing support and aftercare. We believe addiction is a chronic disease. To achieve optimal results and the only real chance of long-term recovery, we must address not only the symptoms of substance abuse itself but also the underlying causes, conditions, attitudes, and beliefs, as well as family dynamics. Through our dedicated and comprehensive treatment programmes, along with your commitment and a strong desire to change, you will have the tools and knowledge to go forth and live the full, meaningful, and rewarding life that you deserve, free from addiction.